The Historic Wartwood Town Archives is a place to read the various books, archives, and scriptures of Amphibia. It was the home of Mycroft Newtback, until he died. It was then turned into a library. The door is set on a sunlight geared timer, so people couldn't access it after sundown.


The archive is set in an open mountainous plain near the edge of the valley surrounded by a grassy steppe. From the outside, the building appears small, as the archives were built underground. It has a stone staircase leading down to the entrance, guarded by a large metal door. Inside, the archive resembles a giant library with two floors lined with shelves full of books, ranging from weapons to dangerous animals, to history and plants. There are also chairs and tables for any visitors to use. Not many people used the archives, judging by the date on the log Hop Pop had read, the last visit occurred many years ago.

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