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The Thrift Stop is a location in the human world that held the Calamity Box, where Anne Boonchuy was persuaded by Sasha and Marcy into stealing it.


The buildings surrounding the thrift shop are grimy and aged, with lack of color and the atmosphere appears polluted. It is located close to an old park where the Calamity Box was first opened. The area around the shop is very messy possibly due to the decrepit location it is in. It has a moderately clean interior surrounded by various objects and clothing normally found in a thrift shop such as furniture and used shirts. The checkout area is located very close to the door where an elderly woman was sleeping during the events of the flashback where Anne stole the Calamity Box.


  • In the original storyboard, it was titled "Thrift Shop" and on the outer appearance, a letter was supposed to fall off the sign.


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