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This is a Timeline of events that have happened in Amphibia.


Unknown Time Before "Amphibia"

68 Years Before "Amphibia"

Slightly Before "Amphibia"

  • Hop Pop goes from being rough around the edges to being strict, traditional and paranoid, worried for the safety of his grandkids and pining for the good old days.
  • Hop Pop receives one of his family's most prized possessions: A cane made of wood from the Doom Tree. This cane was owned by his father, Hop Poppity Pop Plantar, and his grandfather ("Cane Crazy").
  • It is speculated that Hop Pop tries and fails to become an actor.
  • Hop Pop also had a roommate at one point, and it didn't go well. The two argued over the former's toad crusty clipping and the latter's whistling, and the friendship was ruined.
  • Hop Pop begins entering the village's yearly pot luck, a competition he falls flat in each year due to his family's terrible recipes and his terrible cooking.
  • At one point, Hop Pop gets married and has at least one kid. It is as of yet unknown what happened to said kids, except that one ended up bringing Sprig and Polly to the world.
  • Hop Pop takes custody of Sprig and Polly Plantar.
  • Toadstool, a power hungry and conniving amphibian, gets voted mayor of Wartwood Swamp.
  • Anne's father and mother from Thailand immigrated to the US in California.

13 Years Before "Amphibia"

  • A Thai-American girl named Anne Boonchuy is born. A self-centered, independent and fearless girl, Anne will one day be transported to the magical another dimension of Amphibia.
  • Anne receives a cat at one point named Domino. Anne absolutely loves her and gives her as much care as possible.
  • Anne befriends Sasha in kindergarten.
  • At some point, Anne became friends with Marcy.
  • Anne's parents manage a Thai restaurant during this time.
  • Anne also learns tennis during all this, becoming so good that she is put on the school's varsity tennis team.
  • At one point, Anne participates as a tooth in a school play that goes totally wrong.

10 Years Before "Amphibia"

  • Sprig Plantar, Anne's future guide to Amphibia and grandson of Hop Pop Plantar, is born.

Series events (2019AD)

Season 1

Before and after travel


Anne, now 13 years old, does everything together with Sasha and Marcy: They marathon dumb TV shows, they drink boba until they vomit, they go to the beach. All this is in the condition that Anne does whatever Sasha and Marcy want, like give them her pencil case or her new shoes. One day, she is pushed by them to steal a musical box from a thrift store. She opens the box (really a magical chest), and it transports her to Amphibia. ("Anne or Beast?").

After being warped, Anne gets lost in the southern forest, with leaves and sticks in her hair, a messy shirt, and a lost shoe, that is picked up by Grime, a mysterious toad who rules Toad Tower. Not long after, Grime ends up imprisoning Sasha (who was also transported). Sasha (seemingly unaware of her other friends being transported) tells Grime that there are no other humans in Amphibia. Following this, Anne finds shelter in the form of a dark cave. ("Cane Crazy")

During all this, Marcy (who was transported alongside Anne and Sasha) is warped inside the walls of Newtopia, a city that is the center of Amphibia. ("Marcy at the Gates")

The beast

Exiting Stumpy's Diner, One-Eyed Wally, a vagrant traversing gets scared half to death, by Anne, who was lost and confused.

The next day, stopping at a market Sprig, a young amphibian living in Wartwood Swamp, wants to prove himself responsible to Hop Pop Plantar, his grandfather and guardian who doesn't trust him. The boy goes out on a quest to kill the terrible beast that Wally has been talking about. While the town prepares an angry mob (led by Mayor Toadstool, the sleazy mayor of Wartwood Swamp) Sprig encounters the beast (Anne) and after she saves his life, realizes that she is a good person. The two decide to become friends, and Anne follows Sprig into the forest for some nourishment.

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While Anne tells Sprig her story, the mob heads out to kill "the beast". Hop Pop learns of Sprig's escapade, and alongside with the mob and Sprig's little sister Polly Plantar (a tadpole), runs off to save the little frog boy. Anne get caught by the others, and Sprig tries to explain to them that she's good, when suddenly they are all attacked by a giant mantis. The two manage to fight the monster back, and despite the town's hesitation, Sprig manages to protect Anne from them, arguing they should protect her. Hop Pop vouches for Sprig and promises to keep an eye on the strange visitor. Anne desperately wants to go home, but the valley is now being surrounded by impenetrable mountains that will surely bring upon her doom. For the next two months, she must stay at The Plantar's house. Moving there, Anne sleeps in the basement, and Sprig expresses happiness at her staying, a happiness Anne somewhat shares.

Despite this, she still tries to escape using the magical chest (which she has kept), but it doesn't work, its gems mysteriously drained of color. Anne accepts reality: She is stuck here for now. ("Anne or Beast?")

First adventures

  • The next day, after a dream that reminds her of how she transported, Anne wakes up, surprised that Amphibia wasn't a dream. ("Best Fronds")
  • Sprig tries to keep Anne company, but the girl is homesick and misses her other so-called "friends" Sasha and Marcy. ("Best Fronds")
  • Sprig proposes to be Anne's new friend and suggests going to the lake together, but Hop Pop disagrees, despite the pair's enthusiasm. He claims that the town is small-minded and paranoid and that it is best for Anne to stay put.
  • Wanting to have fun anyway, the duo steal the key from a dozing Hop Pop and run off to the lake.
  • A "No Swimming" sign can be found, and Sprig is afraid of potential danger, but Anne tells him that being friends with someone means doing whatever the friend says, otherwise the friendship may go away. She shows considerable guilt from what she has had to do to not be alone.
  • Sprig, wanting his new friend to be happy, swims anyway, and the two have a ton of fun.
  • Unfortunately, the fun ends as a giant sea monster attacks.
  • Sprig, using some peppers that Hop Pop had made, defends Anne from the monster and the two escape.
  • Anne and Sprig get away with their day of fun, and the two are now officially friends.
  • Anne hopes that Sasha and Marcy are ok, but admits to herself that she likes this weird world.
  • Meanwhile, in Toad Tower, Grime shows Sasha the shoe he had found (the one that Anne left). He now knows that there are more humans.
  • Some time later, Anne is showing Sprig some of her stuff from the human world when Hop Pop calls them up to eat.
  • Anne thinks the food is disgusting, and she insults Hop Pop, who threatens to kick her out if she doesn't shape up. This isn't true, of course, and is actually an attempt to get Anne to respect Hop Pop.
  • Anne doesn't care, though, and she starts to make fun of Hop Pop, impersonating him and mocking him, to the amusement of Sprig and Polly. ("Cane Crazy")
  • Anne goes too far, though, and she breaks Hop Pop's favorite cane, one that was passed down to him from his father and his father's father. ("Cane Crazy")
  • Anne and the frog kids try to fix it, but to no avail. Not wanting to go back to living in the woods, Anne, with Sprig and Polly, go to Leopold Loggles, the woodsmith of Wartwood. ("Cane Crazy")
  • Leopold can't help them, though, since the cane is made from the very rare and very dangerous Doom Tree. ("Cane Crazy")
  • Anne snaps a pic of the map, and she and the frog kids embark on a short journey to the tree. ("Cane Crazy")
  • Once there, Anne and Sprig remove the branch they need, but the Doom Tree turns into a giant mantis and chases them. ("Cane Crazy")
  • Anne, Sprig, and Polly run to Leopold's, and his store is torn apart by the monster. Only by working together do Anne, Sprig, and Polly destroy the monster. ("Cane Crazy")
  • Despite this, the store is destroyed, which makes Anne and the kids lose their new cane. ("Cane Crazy")
  • Anne goes back home with Sprig and Polly, and realizing she had misbehaved, confesses to the now awake Hop Pop and begins to leave, prompting Sprig and Polly to cry, since they'll miss her. ("Cane Crazy")
  • Hop Pop explains that he didn't really mean to kick Anne out, he just wanted to assert his responsibility. He punishes her with dish duty for a month, but reassures her that she's staying. ("Cane Crazy")
  • Anne accepts her punishment and happily hugs her frog family. ("Cane Crazy")
  • Sometime later, Anne and Sprig are working in the garden, doing chores. The two work together perfectly and celebrate their friendship. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")
  • Suddenly, Anne hears a commotion and runs in with Sprig to her room. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")
  • It turns out that Anne's room got a leak, and until Hop Pop fixes it, Anne will have to sleep somewhere else. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")
  • Anne decides to bunk with Sprig, and despite Hop Pop's warnings, the two go ahead and do it. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")
  • At first, the two have fun, but tensions mount over the smallest things, and their friendship begins to suffer because of this. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")
  • For the next 9 days, Anne and Sprig clash, until they can barely talk to each other. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")
  • Anne and Sprig ask Hop Pop if he's finished with the leak, the two desperately wanting things to go back to normal.
  • Anne looks at some pictures she took with Sprig and feels bad, so she decides to make up with him, but her attempts to make things right end up breaking one of Sprig's action figures. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")
  • Anne, just wanting things to go back to normal, and driven nuts by Sprig, decides to fix the leak herself, something Sprig decided to do as well. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")
  • The two realize they need to work together to get rid of the monsters that have infested the leak, and they manage to do just that in the end. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")
  • When Hop Pop comes to check on them, Anne (alongside Sprig) profess that their friendship is ruined, but Hop Pop tells them that now that they're being honest with each other, their friendship is even stronger. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")
  • Anne and Sprig makeup, Anne goes to sleep on the couch in the living room, and through a homemade can phone, Anne talks to Sprig, their friendship stronger than ever, their souls united forever. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")
  • One day, Anne is showing Sprig and Polly her cat Domino on her phone when they suddenly smell the terrible smell of Hop Pop's cooking. ("Hop Luck")
  • Hop Pop explains to Anne that today is the village's yearly Pot Luck, and he plans to win this time after all the years of losing.
  • Anne, who's grown fond of her froggy family, refuses to allow them to lose and get thrown into the cell of shame again.
  • Figuring out that their problem is the old recipes, Anne shows the Plantars a picture of Pizza and proposes that they make that.
  • While Hop Pop is reluctant, Sprig and Polly sign up quickly, and the family go off to find dough (which they get from Stumpy's in exchange for Sprig marrying his daughter, Maddie Flour), Cheese (which they get by rounding up the cowapillars in Mrs. Croaker's farm), Basil (which they got by fighting ten giant ephids for) and finally, tomatoes.
  • Unfortunately, tomatoes are considered a dangerous vegetable, thanks to the giant Venus fly traps that guard them.
  • The family tries to get the tomatoes, but they nearly get eaten, and they lose all their ingredients.
  • Anne regrets trying to introduce pizza since the family is about to die. But Hop Pop tells her that he finds her efforts to help the family admirable and that they mean something in his book.
  • Realizing that Hop Pop's book could solve the problem, Anne tells Hop Pop to check the tomato section, and the family finds out that the throat of the flytraps they're in are absolutely delicious raw.
  • The family eats their way out, and, by combining Anne's tomato with one of Hop Pop's old recipes, they manage to make the least bad meal they've ever made.
  • Alas, they still go the last place and are sent to the cage of shame.
  • Anne, however, gets to join, officially becoming a part of the family.
  • Sometime later, Anne and Hop Pop are constantly arguing, their similar yet different personalities clashing hard.
  • Sprig can't handle this, fearing that the family will fall apart, so he comes up with a plan: He'll make Anne and Hop Pop bond by forcing them to participate in a stakeout.
  • Sprig steals some corn and blames it on a made-up thief, and through trickery, forces Anne and Hop Pop to work together and go on a stakeout for the night.
  • That night, Anne and Hop Pop continue to squabble, with Hop Pop thinking that Anne won't be able to stay awake, and vice-versa.
  • Both have solutions to stay up (Anne has an energy drink from her world, and Hop Pop has his mother's old gore tea), and they take the others drink.
  • After spitting out the drinks, the two laugh and share a soft moment, with Anne expressing how she misses her old world, her past, and Hop Pop sympathizing, stating that he also misses the past.
  • They agree that in a way, they are similar.
  • Sprig cheers, seeing that they are bonding, but unfortunately, Anne expresses how her problems are harder, and the two argue once again.
  • Sprig tries to solve the conflict by dressing up as the thief, but while he leaves the house, Anne and Hop Pop begin to hallucinate, due to their bodies reacting to the chemical differences of the drinks.
  • Anne and Hop Pop, now totally out of whack, see Sprig as a corn monster, and they put aside their differences to save the farm.
  • They fight the monster together, but just before they finish him off, the effects wear off and they see Sprig who is very scared.
  • Anne and Hop Pop agree to be friends, and collapse from exhaustion, as does Sprig.
  • Sometime later, Anne and Sprig try to play a game, and Sprig loses his hat.
  • Trying to find it, they encounter giant bees circling a caterpillar that looks a lot like Anne's cat from Earth, Domino.
  • Anne wants to keep it, but Hop Pop doesn't want another pet in the house (though he secretly misses the last pet they had, a spider named Charlie Bigbottom), so Anne and Sprig keep him a secret for two days.
  • During these two days, the caterpillar (named Domino 2) shows constant suspicious and dangerous behavior, but Anne refuse to believe it could be evil.
  • Eventually, the caterpillar evolves and tries to eat Anne and her family.
  • Anne reluctantly gives up on Domino 2 by distracting it and leading it into the wild.
  • Sprig ends up making a cat plush for Anne to make her feel better. She loves it.
  • One day, Anne tries to entertain her family with a show on that she loves on her phone: Survival Island, a serialized drama with teens who are stuck on a mysterious island.
  • Hop Pop complains, but Sprig and Polly get hooked, and the family watch the show until bedtime.
  • Anne tries to convince Hop Pop that the show is fun, but he says it isn't.
  • That night, though, Hop Pop (who was lying), sneaks into the living room and watches the entire show, draining the battery on Anne's phone.
  • Not wanting to be caught, Hop Pop lies and pretends not to know who did it, and Sprig, Polly and Hop Pop begin to accuse each other.
  • Anne, who is disappointed with their behavior and with her dead phone, demands a solution.
  • Hop Pop takes them to the Misty Peaks to find The Zapapede, a beast that lets out an electrical charge.
  • As they journey there, the three frogs continue to accuse each other, leading to the bridge they're on to collapse.
  • Down on the ground, Sprig, Polly and Anne fight, and they edge dangerously close to the Zapapedes.
  • Hop Pop, consumed with guilt, confesses, and in an attempt to charge the phone and redeem himself, falls into the Zapapede filled floor.
  • Anne, Sprig and Polly work together to save him, the phone is more than fully charged, and the family make amends.
  • Anne wanted to ride Bessie, the family pet, but Hop Pop makes her read a book because he thinks it's needed.
  • She avoids this, in favor of riding it with no understanding of it.
  • She and Sprig joyride the roads of Wartwood in favor of fun. Anne suggests they go off-road.
  • Sprig and Anne ride through the woods and make it to a stop in which they decide they should head back to the main road.
  • Bessie is stuck froze in her tracks and Anne and Sprig try to bribe her out with various leaves.
  • Anne admits that Sprig should go get Hop Pop to help with Bessie and Sprig hops off to get him.
  • Anne tries to figure out what she should due in the meantime. She then wishes she had something to read in which the book about Bessie was in sight. She groans and decides to open it to the first page. She reads it almost finding it interesting until Hop Pop decides to "describe" everything very detailed. She then slams the book and puts it away.
  • Sprig is out into the road and sights Mrs. Croaker riding her way towards him. He flags her down gaining her attention.
  • Mrs. Croaker picks up Sprig and offers him a ride, she then starts driving very slowly. Sprig gets frustrated and shouts "CAN THIS THING GO ANY FASTER!"


  • Matt stated to one of his Reddit fans about the timeline and said: "I'm going to say it takes place in the year that it aired so 2019.". This means when Anne, Sasha and Marcy teleported into the strange world starts in 2019 AD, but the month or day is unknown.[1]


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