The Toad Army was an army of Toads lead by Captain Grime and second commanded by Sasha Waybright. They were mainly against Hopadiah Plantar for being a rebel and convincing amphibians across the valley to stop paying their taxes. After the destruction of Toad Tower, they were disbanded.


Not much is known about the history of this army before the Amphibia started. However, when Grime found Sasha, he originally disliked her for lying to him, but when Grime discovered Anne’s shoe, he made the assumption that there were more humans. At first, his army didn’t like Captain Grime, but with the help of Sasha’s manipulative personality, she taught him to respect and compliment his army rather than shout at them. This resulted in the toad soldiers to act co-operative and actually start admiring Grime. When Anne and Sasha rediscovered themselves, the Toad Army was going to attack the rebellious amphibians, and most importantly, murder Hop Pop. So they held a banquet in other to trick the citizens of Wartwood Swamp into traveling to Toad Tower. Sprig eventually learned their secret through a nervous guard, and revealed it to everyone, causing a fight between the citizens and the guards. While escaping, Wally planted boomshrooms in the sewer, with the intent to destroy the tower. When they reached the roof, they started a fight with Sasha and Anne. Grime requested to do it “The Toad Fashion Way," a duel. The duel resulted in a victory for Anne and the other rebellious amphibians. However, the boomshrooms that Wally planted destroyed the Toad Tower, and Sasha fell, close to her death. Before hitting the ground, Grime jumped and caught Sasha, rescuing her, his new second-in-command. With Sasha still fine but unconscious, Grime with his remaining soldiers left Toad Tower into the jungles. When it was disbanded is still a mystery.

Ever since the events in "Reunion", Captain Grime has lost the entire army, except Braddock and Percy.


  • In Reddit, Matt stated that there's spoilers for what happened to the Toad Army from Toad Tower and where they ran off to after they abandoned Grime.
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