"Plantar's Last Stand"
Toad Tax

"Prison Break"

Anne feels that the town doesn't respect or care for her her, calling her a monster and hiding in their homes whenever she walks by. One day as she's shopping at the Grub N' Go she notices the last packet beetle jerky on a shelf and attempts to reach for it before Wally appears and snatches it before taunting her and running off. Anne pursues him through the shop only to slip on a pool of water and crashes down onto the floor, much to the amusement of the frogs in the shop who laugh at her and call her names such as "scarecrow". Anne retreats back outside and miserably complains about the treatment she receives from the citizens to the Plantars. Meanwhile, the toads arrive on a spider cart to collect taxes from the town, Anne believes she can earn more respect if she hangs out with the toad soldiers, led by their leader Bog, as they go around collecting taxes. She introduces her to them but the soldiers intimidate her and bring out there weapons as Anne pulls out her racket just as Sprig turns up. One of the soldiers charge towards her and swings her axe but Anne dodges the attack and whirls her racket onto her face, leaving mark's on the toad's face. The toads begin to laugh and compliment her fighting skills as they turn back to their cart to collect sacks for the taxes. Hop Pop warns Anne to not associate with the toads as they weren't friendly and quite dangerous. Anne believes she can indeed earn more respect by going along with the toads during their tax collection and doesn't heed Hop Pop's warning. She returns to the toad soldiers and Bog introduces his accomplices and gives Anne her own badge and sword as they begin the tax collection. Bog pulls a list from his belt which contains the names of citizens who failed to pay their taxes and in compensation, the toads took the belongings of the inhabitants, such as their furniture and food as well from the terrified frogs. Anne, feeling guilty secretly gives back at least one item to each owner such as Archie the spider's bed back to Mrs. Croaker. Meanwhile as Sprig strolls through the town trying to find Anne, he notices a curtain placed around the statue of Mayor Toadstool which was situated in the middle of the town. He investigates and peers over the curtain to discover that Toadstool with the help of his servant Toadie were filling the statue covertly with the townspeople's taxes to use for their own needs. Sprig yells at them saying he was going to expose them as frauds to the citizens as he races off with Toadie and the weary and lethargic Mayor Toadstool on his tail. The toads arrive at Wally's crumbling cottage and announce he hasn't paid his taxes before roughly seizing most of his belongings, though not liking Wally much, Anne decides she has to help him too so secretly slips the packet of beetle jerky from Bog's belt and returns it to Wally who shows gratitude to her.

When the toads reach the Plantar farm, they find out that even Hop Pop hadn't paid his taxes and ignore Anne's remark that Hop Pop always paid his taxes and that sadly she herself watched him do it. The toads then notice Bessie the snail, which they decide to take in compensation and the worried Anne watches as they commence to corner the frightened snail. Just as the toads were about to grab Bessie, Anne shouts at them to stop and back away from the snail. She declares that the only reason she had joined the toads was to get the town's respect but this was taking it too far. As the scene plays out many of Wartwood's residents begin to gather around and watch as the spectacle plays out in front of them. Anne then throws her badge down, enraging the toads who grab her and push her to the muddy ground. Bog chuckles as he denounces Anne's actions and claims that he had wanted Anne to be a part of the team. Just as Bog was about to crush her with his hammer, Anne dodges out of the way and the hammer falls onto one of the soldier's foot instead briefly before Anne pulls out her own sword and tennis racket. After a brief fight with the soldiers, Anne gets outnumbered and hit by one of the soldiers.

As she falls back and lands on the ground, Bog prepares to deliver the final blow before being hit in the face with a stone Sprig launches at him with his slingshot as he appears from the treetops, stating that if the soldiers were going to fight with Anne then they would have to deal with everyone else too. The townspeople then begin to stand up against them bringing out pitchforks, protecting Anne and forcing the toad soldiers to drop their weapons and back off. Sprig then exposes the truth, telling everyone that the mayor was the one who had been hoarding the taxes for himself. Everyone then goes to the statue of Mayor Toadstool in town centre, Bog breaking it down with his hammer to release the coins which had been stored in there as the Mayor is spattered with old fruit thrown by the frogs. As the toads take the taxes, everyone receives the items which had been wrongly taken from them. As the toads leave in their cart, everyone cheers for Anne, the official protector of Wartwood and she finally receives the respect she had been longing for. As the soldiers leave to return to Toad Tower, one of the toads asks Bog if they were going to tell Grime about Anne, to which Bog states they definitely will.

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