The Toad Tower is a location situated near the edge of the Valley's mountains where Grime and his Toad army used to reside.

The tower is also seen during the "Amphibia" intro, when lightning flashes overhead a branch carrying a picture of Anne, Sasha and Marcy, the tower is seen in the background surrounded by steep mountains.

It was first pictured on Wartwood Swamp's map in "Anne or Beast?" and made a cameo in the episode "Best Fronds". It made its first full appearance in "Prison Break".


The Toad Tower is essentially a castle made of stone bricks and surrounded by a mountainous region, comprising of snow-capped mountains and ravines. There are many barren trees seen surrounding the tower and its walled exterior. The tower is built atop a rocky cliff with one leading pathway connecting it to the mainland, serving as its only entrance. Many fire torches can also be seen, hung at the entrance as well as along the tower's battlements. A single, long red flag is placed at the top of the tower. The tower has many rooms, including a stable where tarantulas are kept, a main dining hall and Sasha's suite.


  • In "Reunion", Wally planted blue Boomshrooms in the sewers, which caused most of Toad Tower to crumble and fall apart.
  • By the Season 2 poster, the tower seems to have been rebuilt.


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