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"Quarreler's Pass"

"Swamp and Sensibility"

In an unspecified area, Sasha, after having lost against Anne at the tower, is rigorously training and pushing herself for revenge against the Plantars using dummies of them. She asks Grime of her progress but finds him in the abandoned windmill, who is in hiding for being branded a traitor by Newtopia. Grime is in a lethargic and inattentive phase, and prefers to binge-watch Suspicion Island on Sasha's phone, even though Sasha urges him to help her rebuild their forces and train. While criticizing Grime, they are suddenly ambushed by bounty hunters which Sasha furiously fights while Grime remains seated and claims she could handle them. Sasha then reveals the assailants to be Percy and Braddock, the only toads who remained loyal to Grime whereas the rest of the army departed. A disgruntled and disappointing Sasha sends Percy and Braddock into a nearby town to get some food supplies.

Soon, a newt enters the same town and arrives at a shop, claiming herself to be General Yunnan and showing everyone a poster of Grime's wanted sign. She overhears Percy and Braddock talking about Grime and asks them for information of his whereabouts, to which they deny any knowledge of while sweating profusely. Yunnan claims that she would search elsewhere and leaves the shop, but secretly makes her way to the roof, where she eavesdrops onto the two toads and receives the location. Yunnan arrives demanding for Grime and Sasha takes him further into the woods, Yunnan hot on their trail. They soon reach the edge of a cliff. Grime surmises that Sasha's training is not just because they lost at the tower, but because she lost a friend who stood up to her. Sasha admits she is training to not lose another friend: Grime himself. Yunnan soon catches up and Grime tells Sasha to run, but Sasha chooses to duel her to protect Grime. Yunnan soon overpowers Sasha, but Sasha tricks Yunnan to boast again as Grime sneaks up from behind, distracting her long enough for Grime to push her over the cliff and into the waterfall.

The victory reinvigorates Grime and decides he now wants to rule the world instead. He and Sasha vow to take over the capital after Grime finishes Suspicion Island. With new confidence, Sasha realizes that she has a new destiny now and promises that she and Anne are not through with their quarrel.

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