Toadie is a supporting character of Amphibia. He is Mayor Toadstool's assistant.[1]


Toadie is a short and small, light green frog with grey parted hair. He has darker spots along the back of his body and a lighter underbelly. He often wears a formal suit including a white shirt under a black jacket, purple dress pants, and a red bow tie. He sometimes carries a drum and trumpet with him to use in events like hop luck.


Toadie is shown to be quite submissive and obedient towards Mayor Toadstool, and is almost never seen without him. He is also a very good bugball player as he was on the town team, The Townies, for the annual game against The Farmers in the episode "The Big Bugball Game."

Behind The Scenes

Name and Basis

  • Toadie's name is a pun on the word, "Toad", a group of amphibians. It also means a person who flatters or defers to others for self-serving reasons. This may indicate that Toadie is not out to help the mayor, but rather himself.



Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Nicolás Rosas
Flag of Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Marcelo Salsicha
Flag of Spain Spanish Raúl Dans
Flag of Poland Polish Krzysztof Rogucki
Flag of Thailand Thai Phichapop Pattarakulniyom (พิชาภพ ภัทรกูลนิยม)



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