"Croak & Punishment"
Trip to the Archives

"Snow Day"


Anne, Sprig, Polly and Hop Pop find themselves headed towards the Historic Wartwood Town Archives. Hop Pop explains that soon the ice caps surrounding the valley will melt allowing them to pass through and look for a way to get Anne home. The kids are all annoyed that they have to go to the library to read. Anne is eventually won over upon realizing that jumping into adventure has done nothing for her while Sprig thinks that reading is dumb and that they need true experience. They get to the archives and learn that it was once the home of Mycroft Newtbeck who had converted it into an archive. The entrance is powered by a glass piece that keeps the door open when the sun is out. Once it sets the door will lock until morning. Anne, Hop Pop and Polly all go to read the books that interest them while Sprig gets an idea.

As everyone gets up to take a lunch break, Anne, Hop Pop and Polly discover that the door is closed and the glass is missing. Sprig once again attempts to get them to jump into adventure, but they angrily force him to put it back. Sprig accidentally steps on the glass and breaks it. After trying numerous things to get the door open, Anne realizes that they can escape through the skylight. They create a tower of books and Anne pokes her head through the top where she spots Bessie and the road. Bessie ends up chasing a butterfly and Anne gets stuck in the small hole. Cicadas arrive to graze, putting Anne in danger as they start eating her hair, mistaking it for a bush.

Sprig suddenly remembers that the archives use to be a home and the Plantars locate where the bathrooms used to be. Sprig swims in through the pipes and comes out of Felicia's Tea Shoppe where he rushes back and rescues Anne in time. The rest of the family follows and Anne explains to Sprig that she was not looking for adventure and needs to find a way home, even if it means doing something they do not like. Sprig apologizes, but upon hugging her, they both break the skylight and fall through the ground; landing on books that they piled up to begin with.

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