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"Anne Hunter"
Truck Stop Polly

"A Caravan Named Desire"

It is nighttime on the road to Newtopia, and in the fwagon, Polly begins feeling homesick upon realizing the long journey ahead. To make herself feel better, she tries to initiate family activities with the others like story-time. However, Hop Pop falls asleep while reading her a bed time story. She then tries to get Sprig's attention while he and Anne are driving, but her distraction makes Sprig lose the map and Anne to nearly crash off the side. After Hop Pop sends the kids inside to check on their rations, their fungus food supply wither when Polly floods the flagon with bath water. Anne and Sprig are drenched, and Polly tries to lighten their spirits with a game of zap tap, but accidentally zaps them. With everyone in bad spirits, they decide to make a pit stop to rest and refuel.

At the truck stop, Polly overhears her family talking about how unruly she is being, with Hop Pop even stating he should have left Polly home. Offended, Polly runs off, not staying to hear the rest of them agreeing they are being too hard on Polly. Polly decides to get back at them using a pink stone reminiscent of her and switches places with it. Instead of the family freaking out, however, they instead leave immediately, having believed that the fake Polly is asleep and do not want to wake her. At the truck stop diner, Polly voices her frustrations to the trucker venue, where truckers provide an accurate diagnosis of Polly's familial troubles in a mature way, much to Polly's surprise who was hoping for more rough and tough truckers. Just then, another trucker enters inquiring about the pink stone, as the stone is actually the egg of a roc, a colossal bird that devours Amphibians. Realizing the family is in danger, Polly and Soggy Joe race off to rescue them.

Back at the fwagon, Anne, Sprig and Hop Pop discover the fake and that Polly has been left behind, but at that moment, the egg hatches into a giant roc that destroys their fwagon. Soggy Joe and Polly arrive in time to witness the roc ascend. Polly rubs herself on Soggy Joe's bee fur seating to create electricity and launches herself at the roc, electrocuting it, and driving it away. Reunited with her family, Polly apologizes for her actions. Anne, Sprig, and Hop Pop also apologize for the way they treated her, as they also miss home and they need to stick together. Soggy Joe offers to tow them the next stop to repair their fwagon. On the ride, the family sits in the fwagon reading a bedtime story together for Polly.

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