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  • I live in Amphibia
  • I was born on January 22
  • I am Male / Masculino
  • Bio I am a tall blond boy who started editing globally since 2019, although I have known the platform long before. / Soy un chico alto y rubio que inicio a editar globalmente desde el 2019, aunqué conozco la plataforma desde mucho antes.
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Welcome to my profile! Be sure to message me if you have any concerns within the wikis below!

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This is a joke!
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  • 07:30, November 11, 2019 Jamie248 (wall | contribs) banished RedBall5999 (wall | contribs) from Amphibia with an expiry time of infinite (cannot post on message wall) (For having much more edits that him)

Hi, I'm RedBall5999, or also RedBall, you can find me on Amphibia Wiki and other wikis.

My bot account: BallBot.

My Favorite Shows

I love Amphibia along with, Mao Mao, Rocko's Modern Life, Big City Greens, 101 Dalmatian Street, Hilda, Harvey Girls Forever!, etc...

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