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Frog Junior Frog Aprentice
  • I live in New York City - United States
  • I was born on January 13
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio I exist, and I am addicted to animation and sleeping late, unless it’s school day.
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WikiKansel is a primary enforcer of the wiki's rules, taking an active role in resolving disputes and combating spammers/vandals. He has a number of abilities to aid him in this task, such as protecting pages and blocking users. Please consult his message wall if you have any problems to report.
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This is a joke!
This user is currently banished from Amphibia. The latest banish log entry is provided below for reference:

  • 13:50, September 09, 2020 WikiKansel (wall | contribs) banished WikiKansel (wall | contribs) from Amphibia with an expiry time of April 30, 1945 (cannot post on message wall) (Irony)

It’s WikiKansel, who is prank blocked for no reason, who am I? I have decided to rebrand my profile because I wanted to clean it because it was a GIANT mess.

FANDOM history

I created my account over a year ago, before I knew I would have an entire staff position on multiple wikis. I used this to make crappy and overall bad edits and pages. It wasn’t intentional, I just didn’t understand how to edit on FANDOM. I became less active, but I sometimes edited and commented. This is when Amphibia comes into play. I watched a Failscumbob69 (Vailskibum) video, and it mentioned Amphibia, I didn’t care and moved on. I later found it out again, and started looking at videos, including the sneak peak. I was interested, and then my interest in FANDOM came back. I mainly edited to help the wiki, but I encountered Crunchy (Formerly Spuffy and Bubic) He just said “Wally is not a monster lmao” and then put a link to his wiki, that he created, I started editing there. I still didn’t know that the old wiki would crash and burn as the new one grew. I started editing on many wikis. And this guy called Arik, yeah, he actually thought that he was a Thousand times older than me, Crazy, right? Other stuff happened, Crunchy got angry at me, we stopped being friends, but only for a little while, I begged him an apology. Everything went back to normal, but I was globalled, I tried to appeal via discord, but all it did is get it shortened, and look at me, wasting my time over nothing.


  • Recently I got into the Speecore/Extratone Genre, no, not by making music, but just hearing it. Sometimes the BPM is so fast you cannot even hear the individual beats. Damn can it be bad, kinda like Uranoid, which is 2560 frickin' BPM in the fast parts, I swear I was having heart issues because it was beating so fast, probably will continue hearing it, I'll break my ears if I continue, but sometimes but like Galaxy Collapse or songs that aren't so fast the beats arent even hearable, they can be well made.
  • I actually do have a life, unlike what some people would say.
  • I made a ringtone that contains 1,920 bpm, my Ringtone is Extratone, just bad, lmao.
  • I really like Spinel from the Steven Universe movie.
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