Valeriana is one of the vendors at the Bizarre Bazaar, she sells many treasures she found in her years of travel when she was younger, and she claims to have "seen and heard it all." She also has a parrot-like pet, named Liander.



She is dark brown with a yellow underbelly, and yellow spots along her tail. She has light red eyes, with slit, dark shaded red pupils, and short, grayish-blonde hair. One of her eyes appears slightly out of shape and possibly damaged. Her tongue is a slightly light tone of teal and her mouth is lined with short teeth. She's missing an arm, but uses her prehensile tail as a replacement.

She has reddish-brown "crests" over her eyes, which resemble eyelashes similar to a gecko. However, she is most likely a salamander, due to reptiles lacking sentience in Amphibia.


She wears a stitched black hood loose over her body, with beige armbands. She also has a hanging red and black pendant and gold rings on her neck.

Memorable Quotes

Welcome, welcome! To Valeriana's antiques

I've seen and heart it all...

Could it be, Liander? Could she be the one we've been searching for?

No Liander! Not in the carpet!

Behind the Scenes


Valeriana is voiced by Susanne Blakeslee.


Valeriana debuted in Bizarre Bazaar.


Season 1


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