Walliam Ribbiton (refered to as Wally, also called One-Eyed Wally) is a Town Vagrant in Amphibia. He is described as the "crazy person who lives under bridges" by the townsfolk of Wartwood Swamp. He also lives a double life among the wealthy folk of Ribbitvale.


Wally is a turquoise frog with a pale lilac tongue, a dark turquoise bang, long dark turquoise hair, and a small turquoise beard. His hair is almost always hidden under a flat broad-brimmed dark blue-violet hat with a low top, decorated with a red reed (cattail) sticking out of it with two narrow green leaves. He calls his hat "Iconic." As his name implies, one of his eyes is always closed with blue-violet eyelids. His right eye is always wide open, resembling an egg yolk with its yellow color and round convex shape. Wally wears black denim shorts with an open indigo vest and an old stitched scarf, one half of which is red and the other orange. The nose of the right boot is torn off, as a result of which the front half of Wally's right foot is exposed. Almost always carries a light green accordion, similar to a caterpillar.


He is something like a wandering bard singing strange old ballads and songs on his concertina, (which is shaped like that similar to a caterpillar), from which one can foretell unexpected and sudden transitions from speech to singing. For example, in the middle of a conversation, he may suddenly begin to sing funny songs to the accompaniment of his accordion. In the episode "Wally and Anne", Hop Pop also mentions that Wally sleeps under bridges.

Initially, Wally reveals that he is biased, calling Anne and Sprig's friendship "disgusting" and "unnatural." However, this is more likely due to the general fear and aversion of the population in which he grew up to “monsters”, i.e. to species that differ from them. Despite this, only Wally did not laugh at Anne when she announced that she had met the Moss Man in the forest. He substantiated his reaction by the fact that he allegedly ran into him once. Later it turned out that he invented it, and in fact, like everyone else, he did not particularly believe in the reality of the Moss Man, but went to look for him with Anne for the sake of thirst for adventure and fun. In the middle of the episode, after he saves Anne's life and smartphone, her prejudiced, wary and squeamish attitude towards him gives way to a friendly disposition. Wally tells Anne that he doesn’t care what others think about him, thereby showing that he is self-confident and free in spirit. Anne believes that this is a cool character trait, but still inadvertently offends him when he says that he does not want everyone to think that she looks like him. Wally sadly asks: "What's wrong with being like me?" and resentfully leaves. But Anne catches up with him, apologizes and says she is glad that they went on this campaign together. At the end of the episode, she calls him her good friend, realizing that during the time spent together, she learned from him not to take too seriously the opinions of others. Therefore, when in the end the villagers call them both crazy, Wally comments on this with the phrase: “Wow. Tough crowd,” to which Anne optimistically and with a smile replies: You can't please everyone. After that, Wally devotes a song to her, in which she calls her "fair Anne" and sings that she lost to a crazy heart. Then Anne tells the Plantar family that now she doesn’t care what others think of her. She jokes about them, calling herself "One-shoed Anne" by analogy with "One-eyed Wally."

Despite his mostly carefree attitude, Wally struggles to keep up with his family's expectations in "Swamp and Sensibility", and is afraid to be honest to them, particularly towards his father. But after Anne offered to give him some help by joining in as his "beast" in Beast Polo (although she previously made a mistake that made his family angry about him), Wally gets the courage to admit it and reconciles with his father.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Queco Gervais
Flag of Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Junior Nanetti
Flag of Sweden Swedish Joakim Jennefors
Flag of Ukraine Ukrainian Dmytro Zavads'kyi (Дмитро Завадський)


Behind the Scenes


Wally is voiced by James Patrick Stuart, who speaks with an English accent.


Wally debuted in the series premiere, "Anne or Beast?".


  • In "Breakout Star", his hair appears to be short instead of his casual long hair.


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