"A Night at the Inn"
Wally and Anne

"Family Fishing Trip"


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As the plantar family are picking up berries in the forest, Anne wanders off alone, after noticing something moving among some bushes nearby. She then discovers a mysterious figure covered in moss surrounded by glowing blue butterflies and a foggy mist and watches in awe. She tries approaching it but swallows a butterfly by accident alerting the creature which runs back into the bushes. As it disappears, Hop Pop, Polly, and Sprig arrive and find Anne dazed under the bushes. Anne tells them about the Moss Man and how she saw it, but the trio laughs it off due to it just being a myth that only "crazy people" saw. Anne continues to argue with them trying to prove that she really did see the mythical creature, but is teased by Hop Pop claiming that Anne was acting just as crazy as One-Eyed Wally. Anne gets tired of the continuous mocking and being called "One-Shoe Anne" and decides to hunt it down for proof with Wally since he too declared seeing it as well. She meets Wally during the next night and they together begin their journey to the location where Wally claimed the Moss Man lived. While travelling through the forest Wally sings and plays his accordion much to Anne's annoyance until they arrive at a towering cliff.

Anne and Wally

The duo slowly begin to ascend the rocky cliff but as Anne reaches a corner, she slips on a crumbling ledge and falls off the other side but is swiftly grabbed by Wally who holds onto her and tries to pull her up. As Anne dangles upside-down, her phone slips from a side pocket and plunges into the ravine below her but only to be caught by Wally who stretches his tongue to grab it before heaving Anne back onto the path. Anne thanks Wally for saving her phone and her life as they once again, more carefully, navigate through the cliff. Wally makes camp after it begins to get dark and starts a fire as the two settle down and prepare to go to sleep. Anne asks why Wally acts the way he does in Wartwood as back on Earth your social image meant everything. He responds by saying that he didn't care what others thought of him and also inquires Anne on how it felt to start a new beginning in someplace new and away from home. Wally immediately falls asleep and snores loudly as Anne lays out a blanket over him and stares at the stars above her.

The next day, Wally and Anne continue their journey and reach a grassy meadow but find themselves engulfed in a thick blanket of fog. Anne excitedly tells Wally that the sudden mist meant the Moss Man was nearby but Wally explains that he could only be summoned by a ritual dance which he commence to do, hopping in a circle on one leg and chanting a hymn. Anne recognizes a glowing butterfly and sees the Moss Man, calling Wally and running after it as he continues the ritual dance. Anne quietly calls Wally and lays him under a log as together they gaze at the Moss Man as it wanders among a cloud of fluttering butterflies. The astonished Wally claims that he was very surprised that the Moss Man really did exist as Anne recounts that he had declared that he'd seen the Moss Man before. He says that he had been lying but now the two of them had become friends and also discovered the Moss Man as well which was what mattered. Anne is angered by Wally's confession and tells him that she originally had wanted to bring Wally and find the mythical creature just so the townspeople wouldn't compare her with him. Wally is hurt and saddened by her reaction and walks away as Anne realizes she had been too harsh on him and hurries over to point out that the two really were friends now and that she was sorry. Wally thanks her and the two arrive back at the location where they had seen the Moss Man, just to discover that it had ascended a steep cliff.

Anne hastily begins climbing the rock face, telling Wally that she had taken bouldering classes back at school, as Wally uneasily follows her up. Anne reaches the top and spots the Moss Man and calls Wally to hurry up as she pulls out her phone and prepares to take a photo. Wally tries to reach for a boulder but looses his grip on an insecure rock and dangles precariously as he calls Anne to take the photo and that he'd be fine. Anne watches as the Moss Man begins to leave and finally decides on saving Wally, grabbing his wrist just as he was about to hurtle off the cliff. She lifts him onto the clifftop before pushing herself up as well but just to find the Moss Man disappearing into the mist. Instead, they sit at the edge of the cliff and watch the sun set as Anne tells Wally that she didn't care about the fact that she had no evidence of the Moss Man and that she might be called crazy like him back in town. She then pats his back and accidentally sends him tumbling off the cliff.

Back in Wartwood, Wally and Anne recount their tale to the gathered townspeople as Wally narrates their dangerous adventure while Anne plays his accordion. A frog asks if they had proof to which Anne denies which causes the grumbling crows to break up and walk away muttering "crazy" but Anne is okay with that. Hop Pop, Polly and Sprig arrive and comfort Anne about her being called insane but she explains that she was fine, but Hop Pop continues to comfort her of her new status and being compared to Wally. Anne becomes frustrated and yells before chasing the startled Plantars around town.

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