Wartwood's Election is an annual event which take place between candidates who run for mayor in the town of Wartwood. It consists of various challenges in which contestants try and win the votes of the townspeople. However, the votes are also taken from amphibians who live across the Valley.

Challenge 1: Beetle Wrangling

The first challenge features candidates who each try to dominate the Rhino Beetle which is set loose from it's cave after being drawn out with a special trumpet. The first one to claim the beetle and sit atop it wins.

Challenge 2: Chick Parenting

The second challenge takes candidates to a bird's nest where contestants are required to study and figure out what the baby birds require. The candidate who successfully satisfies and calms the birds down wins.

Challenge 3: Survival and Navigation

The third challenge calls for candidates to be dropped into the middle of a forest and forced to find their way home. The first contestant to navigate his way back to Wartwood wins.

Challenge 4: Boxing Tournament

The fourth and final challenge is a boxing tournament between the mayoral candidates. The first contestant to knock out his rival wins. After the tournament, the results are read out by Albus Duckweed on the central prodium at the town centre.

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