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Slow to Accept and even Slower to Respect

—Wartwood's Official Motto

Wartwood Swamp is one of the the main towns in The Valley, Amphibia, where the Plantars as well as the rest of the townsfolk and farmers live. It consists of various buildings such as a supermarket, salon, and many houses. Most buildings are carved from the stumps of trees or made from toadstool mushrooms. Light is provided by bio-luminescent mushrooms and fireflies occasionally during special events such as the firefly formal or the frog of the year event.


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  • The name of the area is a pun on the word, “Wart," which is a type of growth often associated with toads.
  • Amphibia does not have access to electricity, so Wartwood must rely on touch-sensitive bioluminescent mushrooms for light.
  • The town of Wartwood currently has a population of 88.
  • According to Hop-Popular, the rest of Amphibia can vote in the Wartwood local election.
    • It also shows that Wartwood is one of the smallest regions in Amphibia compared to other towns or cities.
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