"Swamp and Sensibility"
Wax Museum

"Marcy at the Gates"

The Plantars arrive in the town of Stony Gulch, but with a low money budget, they cannot buy anything and can only afford window shopping. Anne takes off her hood from the excessive heat, startling the onlookers but Anne shows she is friendly by doing parlor tricks and acts. The townspeople are invested in Anne and tip Anne with money. Anne performs to the crowd until sunset, when the Plantars collect enough money from tips. They decide to visit the Curiosity Hut, though the Plantars insist on Anne that she needs to keep her hood up to avoid detection. Upon entering, they are greeted by the hut's eccentric owner, the Curator. He gives them a tour of his wax figures of creatures and monsters of Amphibia, one of which freaks out Polly when she sees its eyes moving. Unsettled by the museum, the Plantars decide to leave while Anne continues on the tour.

Before she leaves with the family, Anne notices an exhibit of a CD player from the human world. She decides to cut a deal with the Curator to give her the Skipman in exchange for being his human display for one day. The Curator deviously accepts the terms, and they agree to meet back later. However, Hop Pop bans her from going, but Anne sneaks out after the Plantars fall asleep that night.

As Anne returns to the hut where the Curator is waiting, he places Anne on a grandiose stage with an X marked on the floor. When Anne steps on it, the Curator drops a large tube over her. He reveals that the wax statues in his museum are real creatures he froze in wax, and Anne will soon be among them, much to her horror.

Back at the wagon, Hop Pop and the others wake up and find Anne is missing. They rush to the museum where Anne is moments away from being coated in wax. The Curator begins to fight with Sprig and Hop Pop over Anne's life. Polly spots the wax figure from earlier looking at her again, and confronts the creature with a torch, freeing it from the wax. Hop Pop and the kids melt the rest of the statues. The monsters proceed to gang up on the Curator and drag them to the storage room where red liquid then leaks from underneath (which the Curator humorously ensures is simply wax) as the Plantars rescue the nearly-frozen Anne. The wax over Anne melts next to a fire by morning, and Anne apologizes for her rash decision with Hop Pop telling her that she needs to be careful. Anne remarks that the Curator got the Skipman from Newtopia, to which Sprig reveals he acquired and gives to her. Excited with it, Anne shows off its laser pointer, which she accidentally into Hop Pop's eye.

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